If you are interested in volunteering with us:

Berskshire Phab was founded by volunteers and it is thanks to everyone who has volunteered over the years that we are still able to help so many people. There are lots of ways that you can volunteer with us and they all make a difference. If you've never volunteered before why not contact us at the centre.

Club Volunteers

Berkshire Phab's clubs are run by our experienced staff with help from volunteers, and we need lots of people to help keep the centre open every week. Volunteering with us can be rewarding and inspiring. If you've never worked with disabled people before don't be scared! Phab is the ideal environment to enjoy the company of some of the most interesting and dynamic people you'll ever meet, and all the while you will find the experience hugely rewarding. Volunteers can help out on one or more days at our drop-in club for adults which takes place Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm. We also need volunteers at our youth club which takes place on a Saturday 9.30-1pm.

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need while making you happier and healthier. It helps to keep you mentally and physically stimulated, provides a sense of purpose, increases self-confidence and boosts your social skills, helps you reach out and give back to the community, meet new people and make new friends, helps you to learn new skills and even advance your career, as well as it being fun, inspiring, rewarding and fulfilling. So, how about volunteering with us! At Berkshire Phab there are many ways you can do it:
  1. Weekday Clubs – run by staff and volunteers
  2. Saturday Morning Youth Club – run by volunteers only
  3. Trustees – responsible for the future of the charity, staff and members through ensuring the affordability of opening each day and helping as many people as possible. Requires management skills in finance, human resources, operations or sales and marketing
  4. Links to local businesses and colleges, opportunities for work experience placements for students and employees and for fundraising events
If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the form above and email it to ronald.larkoh@berkshirephab.org . If you have any further questions or would like to enquire more details, please contact us at the Berkshire Phab centre.


If you are interested in working for us:

Berkshire Phab offers opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to provide a positive impact on their local community, which is why we offer work experience placements for both employees and students. We strongly believe that every individual has the potential to make a huge difference so we ensure that the work placements we openly provide to those interested are enriching and beneficial.

At Berkshire Phab, we also welcome the support of local businesses and colleges; the charity strives to work with these institutions to improve the local environment that we live in. If you are interested in working with our charity, please contact us through our charity email and phone number or visit one of our local centres. More details on how you can get in touch with the charity can be found on the Contact Us page.


We are one of the preferred work place in Reading where Reading College, Bracknell and Wokingham College, Reading University and the police training school send their students for work placement. Students we receive here on work placement ranges from those enrolled on Health and Social Care, Psychology, Administration etc. It would be good to let the public know we always welcome students here